Nurturing local ideas

Members of local organisation FuturePLANS aim to build the innovative locally strong economies and communities that we believe will be critical to our success in the face of climate change in Palerang. 

This Sunday 1pm at the Bungendore School of Arts (next to the library) PLANS will be screening the inspirational film “Deep Green. We can fix this” which takes us around the world looking at the best solutions being undertaken now to address global warming. 

PLANS is the Palerang Local Action Network for Sustainability.  We are hoping to tap into all the tanks of ideas across Palerang and connect ideas with people and resources. Water these little seeds, and we believe big things will come.

What is your dream of a sustainable future in Palerang? Is it eating more local food, having a regular public transport service, using telecommunications to work locally, making our towns pedestrian and cycle-centric, linking our remnant bush into healthy corridors that can produce bush products and be carbon farmed, generating community owned renewable electricity generated, making sure our traditional skills are retained and evolving…?

If you have ideas and/or resources, or you want to be part of things – come and join in the conversation at our Ideasfest this Sunday.  During the Ideasfest we have a program of short films for kids, so families are very welcome. We will finish around 4pm after a short AGM.

Come and be a part of the solution. RSVP to Mel Hillery or 0427 440 335. .

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