A boy and his horse

Last Wednesday Canberra Grammar School opened its Arts Quad and unveiled its newest artwork – a sculpture by Braidwood artists Andrew Townsend and Susie Bleach. The sculpture, an equine form featuring a boy standing on the bare back of a horse with arms outstretched, forms the centerpiece of the Arts Quad.

During the making of the sculpture, Visual Arts students from Canberra Grammar School visited the studio to witness the sculpture evolve. Trevor Dunbar, Gallery Director and Visual Arts Teacher, said their feedback and appreciation for the sculpture was overwhelmingly positive. Those same Arts Quad yesterday.

The sculptors at the unveiling along with Canberra Grammar School’s Head of School, Dr Justin Garrick and CGS Gallery Director Trevor Dunbar who said “We are extremely fortunate to have had them as Artists in Residence in the Design Centre this year where they have mentored students from Year 6 to year 12.”

Andy Townsend said “Our sculpture is an allegory of the adventure of learning. The boy must trust the horse in order to gain his balance and stand upon its back. There must be communication – an understanding between the two. Adventure is the business of pushing off into the unknown, unsure of where exactly the destination lies.”

Pictured above, Forbes Gordon from Manar modelled for the sculpture measurements, standing on Scallop’s back. 

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