Take a step back

Local filmmakers Billie Dean and Andrew Einspruch are pleased to be presenting their annual Braidwood retreat, “Engaging with the Sacred” in December, offering energetic gifts from the shamans of the high Andes of Peru, called the Munay Ki.

Billie was the first Australian to receive all nine Munay Ki transmissions and has regularly shared them with students and protégés from around Australia. She also studied the Andean healing system for four years with author and medical anthropologist Dr Alberto Villlodo and his “Healing the Light Body” school based in the USA.

“The year 2012 was considered important to the high Andean shaman, who claimed there would be much change in our world, and offered their transmissions to help people cope,” says Billie.

“These transmissions of love and light change a person’s energy field, clearing and balancing the chakra system, and with them come a set of tools and perceptions that shift the way people see the world, and help them live better and happier lives.

“At a time when the world is tipping on the edge of a precipice it is vital we take a step back and look at how we are living. We have to understand that we are not the only species on the planet and we have a duty of stewardship for the future.  

“The shaman of the high Andes, as well as other native elders have long talked of a time of peace coming to the planet. But it isn’t automatic. And this time right now is asking us to stop being a violent species, and take a quantum evolutionary leap into kindness, compassion and peace. This takes courage and effort.”

To help people understand the prophecy and give hope, Billie and Andrew made the film ‘This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon’ which has now been seen in many countries around the world.

The couple are also thrilled to have been shortlisted in a Screen ACT initiative with their forthcoming feature film ‘The Farmer’, a comedy drama. 

“It’s a very intense initiative but the film is already generating great interest and excitement as “a thinking person’s film of great integrity,” Billie says.

“We want to present fresh perspectives through out art to help move the world a little further into peace, and often the best way of doing this is to wind in a little fun.”

Billie and Andrew’s films are available through www.wildpureheart.com , and for further information about the Braidwood retreats, call Andrew on 0409 609 428

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