Outdoor Gym fit for all

Members of Braidwood WeightWatchers group were amongst the first to take advantage of the professional level gymnastic installation.

“Great to see a playground for grown-ups at last!” commented one observer in the crowd that gathered to watch and learn from fitness instructor, Cass Moran.

Cass, who works as a personal trainer at Fernwood All Women's Gym in Canberra, demonstrated the use of each piece of equipment, and explained how each item could exercise specific muscles and parts of the body.

“This is really top class equipment,” noted Cass. “It is the latest in design, and superbly manufactured, with a high safety factor. People of all ages and fitness levels can safely and conveniently use this gear, and over a period of time build up their muscle tone and general well-being through exercise.”

The open air gymnastic facility is sweetly sited amongst a grove of trees in the creek-side park along Mackellar Street, at the northern end of town. It is half screened from streetview, and will be well shaded in the heat of summer afternoons.

WeightWatchers team member Vicki King was also impressed. “Some of our members are farmers, and get lots of exercise in the course of their day's work, but for the retirees, commuters and office workers in our group, this Gym Park will be just amazing!”

“I can see lots of people incorporating a session down here as part of their morning and evening walks around town. WeightWatchers really stresses the huge value of exercise as part of the lifestyle changes involved in losing weight and raising personal health levels. We will certainly be promoting the use of this gym to our meeting members – wow, what an asset to have in town!” said Vicki.

There are no parking issues, no pesky gym membership fees, no time constraints. The equipment is installed on a well bedded, solid paver base – so no dirt, sand or grass seeds in your sneakers. The equipment is made of satin-finished stainless steel and feels great. There are padded hand grips and seat spaces where needed, and the equipment is easy to use.

It's free, it's cool, and it's here. There's really no excuse anymore. Love your work, Bendigo. 

Mary Anne Bunn tests the new gym equipment

Mary Anne Bunn tests the new gym equipment


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