Waving not ducking

Is there a dirt road in Palerang that you can safely drive at 100km/hour? I think not. When I drove a Landcruiser, 80km/h on dirt was fine, for me. I ran down three kangaroos, 1 wombat and several birds, also eventually 1 Landcruiser. Now I drive a small car and travel at 50 to 60km/h on these same roads. To date I have 0 kangaroos, 0 wombats and 0 birds, and following the advice of Murray Robbo by reducing speed by another 10km/h no more expensive suspension repairs.

When I pass walkers they are waving not ducking stones and dust that I am throwing at them. The only concern I have are the other cars and trucks coming the other way very quickly.

Go look at the tyre tracks on Back Creek Road anytime to see how people drive  on these dirt roads…

Slow down, leave earlier and save money and lives.

William Verdon