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Last Friday afternoon this possum awoke early because of the heat, you humans reckon you have problems, just spare a thought for us possums. You got rid of all the old hollow Ribbon Gums and we now have to live in the summer under hot tin rooves and on days like last Friday it is murder, FWHeooo.  Anyhow I had just got from that golf platypus’ creek for some liquid refreshment to see Damien Biggs and the Junior Biggs were already having a practice roll. It was not long before people had paid their entry fee and many were having fun until the old Johnny Bunn sorted out who played with who , which he did well, especially as some teams from last week had dropped out and some new teams had arrived but he finished with an odd number of teams. So John and his sidekick Peter Camiller called in Hannah Cargill and young Nick who were wandering around to form up the final four to make sure all who had entered go a game.  It was a great sight seeing 80 people in many colours enjoying the great game of bowls, their piccaninnies running about in circles as the young always have on warm summer evenings and no old spoilsports pulling them into gear.

While this was all going on modern man, danger man and bowls man (Gorrie) were busy cooking up a couple of hundred bangers and onion and at ten to eight Danger Man (Phil the Bowls President) called time and every one lined up for their bangers and bread. This was held on the bank outside the function room overlooking the greens as the Monkittee Creek’s Platypus mob had previously booked the bbq area. While everyone was eating John and Peter checked the scorecards and handed out the Bendigo Bank Sponsored Prizes.

The winning Team on a count back was the Braidwood Rural Team skippered by Damien Biggs and received $80 (Just shows what a little early practice does.)

The Runners Up were a Club Team lead by Mel Jeffery which received $40.

The two two prizes for $10 a team, also on a count back were The Braidwood Bakery’s King Team and Tom Watson’s Round Team who were the least successful teams.

The old Possum is going to see a lot of bowls over the next couple of days with the Inter Club Ladies Fours Carnival today 5th December, then on Friday 7th the third evening of the Bendigo Bank Challenge and on Saturday and Sunday 8th & 9th the Braidwood Two Bowl Triples Carnival. Then the last evening of the Bendigo Bank Challenge will be on the 13th December so as not to clash with the APEX Carnival on the Friday night

Remember bowlers are not old they just live longer.

Damien, Samuel, Max and Amelia Bigg.

Damien, Samuel, Max and Amelia Bigg.


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