Braidwood Central School Triathlon

BCS Year 8 students organised a triathlon for years 6 – 8 last week, comprising 2 running laps of the showground, 4 laps cycling and 10 laps of the Braidwood Pool. Some students and teachers took on the whole course while some competed in teams.


It was a wonderful day at the Braidwood Central School triathlon. We would like to thank the showground committee for letting us use the area for our running and bike riding. We would also like to thank Mark from Braidwood Buses for letting us use the buses to go to the show ground and to the pool. Thank you to all the teachers for helping us get the triathlon together and for believing that we were responsible enough to go ahead with it. Special thanks to Ms Clarke and Ms Borra for all of their hard work.

Year 6, 7 and year 8, all had an amazing day. We were very enthusiastic in cheering for every member that participated in the run, bike ride and swimming. The students were very considerate and all loved jumping in to help out. When we got to the pool for the last part thankfully, the day was nice, hot, and sunny, so people could not wait to get in the pool and have their go. Most of the teachers were also enthusiastic and participated in the run, bike ride, and swim. So not only did us students have a great day but so did all the teachers. So far, we have raised over $2000 for Camp Quality and the money is still coming in.

Year 8 was the winner, then year 7 and year 6 but in the end, it doesn’t matter who wins it only matters about the fun. The photographers took some amazing photos of everyone and what they were doing. Some teachers helped with supplying drinks at the showground and a sausage sizzle at the pool.

At the end of the day everybody had fun. It was such a good day and we had great weather for all of our sporting activities. 

The changeover from run to cycling at the Showground.

The changeover from run to cycling at the Showground.


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