Bowls News 

Last Thursday evening saw the final round of the Braidwood Community Bank Bare-foot Bowls Challenge when once again 80 players graced the green even though many of the teams had a few new players inexperienced in the game but by and large the old possum had observed a vast improvement in the ability of so many new players over the 4 weeks of the challenge. It has been great to see whole families having fun and enjoying themselves on once again balmy summer evenings. During the game Myer man was giving out books to those who got close to the jack.

While the games were on, Modern man, Danger man and Bowls Man and their advisors heated up the barby and soon the kids were lining up for their bangers. Danger man called time and everyone soon joined in the bangers bread and onions while John Bunn went through the score cards for the night and the four weeks.

The winning team for the night was the Club’s team no 1 skippered by Mel Jeffrey which received $80 while the runner up were Braidwood Rural led by Damien Bigg collecting $40.  The encouragement award went to the Bakery’s No 1 team led by Jacobs and Chung’s No 2 team, both received $40 each. One team’s skip believed the $40 was for self but soon found out it was $10 each.

Nick Fry then presented the trophies on behalf of the Community Bank to the recipients for the four weeks of competitions, the major trophy going to the Wizzies led by grandma Margaret Wisbey. Damien Bigg lines up again for runner Up Trophy for the Braidwood Rural Team. The encouragement award went to the Bendigo Cup Cakes led by Simone. They never won a game but kept on keeping on. President Phil Lewis then thanked the Community Bank for sponsoring the challenge and everyone who participated to make it such a successful event.

On Sunday the Braidwood bowlers held their Christmas party and presentation night with bowls commencing at 2pm. Andrew Moran and Barry Broadbent won the hams. This was followed by drinks and then Myer Man, Bowls man and Modern Man lit up the barbeque in the open air club area and cooked some tender steaks while the lady bowlers provided salad and sweets, while Gordon provided some music with Cds.

The following Trophies were presented by Patron Bill George: 2012 Major Singles Championship: Billy Halligan. Runner up John Bunn.

2012 Minor Singles Championship: Like Staunton, 2012 Pairs Championships: Bruce Feehan and Stanley Wisbey.

2012 Triples Championship: John Bunn, Andrew Moran and Billy Halligan.

The fours and mixed Pairs are still to be finalised.

Lady Bowlers presentations were made with 2012 Lady Singles Championship going to Elaine Jackson. Runner up: Val Webb.

2012 Lady Pairs Championship: Margaret Wisbey & Beverley Feehan. 2012 Ladies Triples Championship: Janet Gommersall, June Jones & Elaine Jackson.

2012 Ladies Fours Championships Janet Gommersall, June Jones, Therese Lewis and Elaine Jackson.

The possum would like to wish our former members who live at Narbethong and the hospital a Happy Christmas and to the general public as well, and remind people to be at the Club on Thursday or Sunday at 12.30 to get your name in for a game.