Shintaro Marky - ‘Of Men and Machines’ on show

An exhibition of drawings by ‘Shintaro Marky’ opens this Friday 18th January at The Wood Gallery, at 6pm.

The artist says “The creative practise, as far as I am concerned, is a result of life experience (read baggage), personal interpretation, memory, and dare I say, state of mind. I have been told by some that ‘I have too dark an outlook on life,’ and ‘why don't I do pretty things’, and the classic line, ‘I don't know what's going on in your head, but I don't like it.’

The work exhibited is a mixed bag. “Most were completed last year, after a long period of procrastination, the ramifications of the above mentioned baggage, that has dogged me most of my life. I work under an assumed name as it allows me the luxury of freedom I find in the graphic, illustrative style.”

However the Braidwood artist still paints occasionally under his birth name. “The drawing experience is a cathartic form of escape from the reality and demands of life. I rarely pre-conceive the work, allowing spontaneity and discovery to guide. I describe the technique as a form of bastardised cross hatching with a fair dash of doodling, having had much practice in High School.”

“I am influenced by many things as I have a low boredom threshold, undiagnosed ADHD probably. I'd like to mention Robert Crumb, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, manga anime, 1950s Cold War weapons, and the work of Edward Ardizone, H. R. Geiger, Goya, Max Ernst, Otto Dix and Arnold Bocklin.”

The exhibition runs until February 22. 

Work by Shintaro Marky (AKA Mark Sullivan)

Work by Shintaro Marky (AKA Mark Sullivan)


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