Welcome back to golf in 2013. Good luck to the new committee. Fees are due. Let’s hope we can attract more people to the course this year and introduce more children to the game. What better way is there to develop hand- eye coordination skills and have a bit of fun than to spend time hitting a golf ball.

The research evidence is overwhelmingly conclusive. You spend time with your children playing games and all will benefit. Fathers often claim that they are too busy and golf takes so long. At Braidwood we are in one respect fortunate that the course is so underused. This means it is possible for a bit of intergenerational golf. You don’t have to play all the holes. Children say I just wish my dad or mum would spend time playing with me.

Last Saturday was the first this year where conditions were suitable fdor outdoor activities. The 5th was a day for mad dogs and Englishmen, the 12th was very hot and gusty. Nevertheless some stalwarts and the odd visitor ventured out. Toiks is this month’s medal and mug winner. His net 68 was enough to win by two from Terry Hughes who went on to win the following Saturday. He won on a countback from Mr Smith.

The balls went to Keith Morgan, Will Richards and Shamrock. The Beardless Youth was also third on the 12th and hit a two over par last Sunday in a chook run. Massie, C Kellar and Warren West won the balls with Warren also the NTP. Jackie Clark won the ladies comp on January 5.

 Sometime late last year I was chatting with the Chef while embarking on some minor financial exchange and he suggested that GM could be enlivened by  player profiles so be warned MP is on the lookout for interesting biographical details.

In the meanwhile a Sloane ranger dropped in and for reasons unknown he asked if our course has names for the holes. He claimed that the most interesting aspect of the British Open were the holes’ names. So we had a walk around and a bit of a chat about the history of the land and the people involved.

So, this is our first attempt. The names are not endorsed by the committee and are offered, merely, as a talking point. We thought the first reminded us of a mammal’s leg with the green as the ball that fits into the hip. Leg of mutton, lamb shank or Roo’sleg or Thread the needle.

Gander’s Way was next in memory of my grandparents’ gander that escorted his gaggle to and from Coghill St to the Common each day to graze. Damnation! is followed by Onslow’s Tap in memory of Sparrow’s dad or the Long bottle in recognition of the fairway’s previous life as the tip.

The fifth generated a lot of discussion but the Sloane insisted that the platypus was an appropriate name. Imagine: the tail is the tee and viewing platform, the body narrows around the big gum, its front paws are the bunkers and its head, the green. My preference was Remnant Possum in recognition of one of the last remnant trees and the possums who shelter there.

Heart’n’soul is the sixth as that is what The Club is to this town. Barber’s Way for the seventh in recognition of Boss Barber and the other volunteers and visionaries who got the club up and running. Wombatrap for the eighth because triple bogies are not uncommon. Val’s hump and beyond for the last.

Better suggestions are always welcome, especially for the 5th. This Saturday is the annual Captain versus President matchplay and BYO BBQ. Praise to Luke Staunton for the condition of the course. More players please.

Monkittee Platypus. 



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