Tree Management Plan for the Kings Highway

I have at last had an opportunity of reading through the substantial document , issued last November with the authority of the NSW RMS and Palerang Council. I see it was prepared by a Sydney firm of consultants.

Two things puzzle me:-

1. There is a statement (P.4) about the width of the clear zone required between the roadway and any new planting. This is given as nine metres where the speed limit is 100kmph. I cannot find anywhere in the report any statement of the likely alteration of the width if the speed limit was to be reduced.

One of the persistent requests which emerged from the public consultations about this issue was that the speed limit through the poplar avenues should be reduced to 80kmph or less. What impact would such a reduction have on the layout of the proposed replantings?

2. Sequence of felling. As I read it, there will be an awful lot of felling dine all at once, at a stage when the new plantings are still relatively immature and have little visual impact.  It seems that in the quest for strict geometrical regularity we could be looking a very little for a number of years, and that we should also be felling trees which had not necessarily reached the end of their natural lives. This presumable would include the Pin Oaks. Am right, please?

(The report is available at Council Chambers or on the RMS website).

A Shepherd



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