Jungle’s team wins the 2012 Fours

After many holdups during recent months to get 8 players on the greens for different games, to get to the finals, on Sunday we witnessed the grand final of the 2012 fours championships when the team led by Kevin Lang and Frank Stewart, Robert Jackson and Gorrie Kite defeated the team of John Bunn, Billy Halligan, Andrew Moran and Peter Young, 16 points to 15 in a very closely fought game. Only 31 points were scored in 21 ends.  The spectators voted Frank the man of the match and the possum heard from several of the players and spectators that he played the game of his life.

Also, the final of the 2012 Mixed Pairs was decided last week when Margaret and Stan Wisbey defeated Janet Gomersall and Alex McLaughlin 22 points to 19 points in another very closely fought game. The Possum heard from observers that this game was a great match.

The Possum congratulates the winners and the losers of both finals on their achievements. The match committee suggests that instead of waiting till you see someone to organise your championship games this year that you ring them up. Gorrie and David have all bowlers telephone numbers if you can’t find them in the book so we don’t have the delay in getting to the finals this year.

It’s been very pleasing to see many of our newer members organising games for themselves and it is cheap entertainment at $6 green fee per person for two hours bowls and to be able to have bowls supplied, if you don’t have your own.

The possum must apologise for a mistake in the last report when  in the presentation for Lady Bowlers put Janet Gomersall’s name in the 2012 ladies triples instead of Janet Broadbent, and I had Val Webb as runner-up in the major singles when Val actually won the minor singles. Sorry girls, must have been too late at the party when I took my notes.

This Saturday sees the start of the pennant season when Braidwood plays Tomakin at Tomakin and as there are several of the past regular pennant players dropping out this year the question is, will this be our year? - as many of our newest players are performing well.

Remember bowlers are not old they just live longer.

Palerang to implementing, or funding, a solution.”

“Costs associated with this motion will be in staff time, but also potentially in engaging technical consultants for surveying signal strength throughout Palerang. Any decision as to whether such technical survey is necessary will be left to Council staff. It may be possible for Council to draw on the experiences of the State Emergency Service and Rural Fire Service with their radio equipment.”

In 2010 a petition of over 500 signatures from the Braidwood Region was sent to Member for Eden – Monaro Dr Mike Kelly, who passed it on the Minister for Communications Stephen Conroy, who replied that residents could get a satellite dish. Since then the popularity of smart phones and radio apps, would have some areas covered, however much of Palerang is still lacking phone coverage, and power may be the first service to go in a major emergency leaving vast areas of the shire isolated. Recent flood emergencies in Queensland have also highlighted congestion and then failure of the mobile network and short life of mobile battery power.