RMS listening but not hearing

The RMS came and listened but didn’t accept local opinion.

Braidwood people don’t want the golden poplars cut down but the RMS is going to cut them down anyway.

Braidwood people wanted an 80kmph limit from Deloraine Lane and guardrail. They are getting neither. 

They didn’t ask for the 50kmph extensions but they’ve got them anyway.

The reduction from 60 – 50 has, of course, nothing whatever to do with avoidance of road deaths, which is what the exercise is all about.  However reducing from 100 to 80 would make a huge difference. In any case, it is not a good idea to go from 100 straight to 50.

The intransigence of the RMS in not going from 100 to 80 and going from 60 to 50 is inexplicable.

The RMS is going to plant a back row of golden poplars on both sides and put up guardrail on a temporary basis for up to 10 years until the new trees are big enough for the old trees to be cut down.

The fact that they are using guardrail on a temporary basis indicates that they believe that it is effective in preventing road deaths. Why not leave it there on a permanent basis and not cu the trees down? Because they say it is too expensive to maintain! So cost becomes a bigger factor than deaths?

Their reasoning on the whole episode is incomprehensible to the layman.

The only positive thing that came out of the information session was the installation of rumble strips for about half the distance.

Geoff Hassall



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