New Speed Limit Laughable

The RTA has announced that it is going to reduce the 60kph speed limit to 50kph on both approaches to Braidwood on the Kings Highway, ‘to improve safety for motorists’.

This inexplicable decision has no connection whatsoever with the safety problems in the 100k zones, but is perhaps an indication of what may happen in the 100k zone in future.

It is unacceptable to have a 50k limit past the town boundary, where there are no house entrances and no street lights - that is the same limit as in the main street.

The RTA said at the consultation meetings that speed was not a factor in the accidents in the 100k zone and yet here they are saying that a reduction from 60 to 50 will ‘improve safety for motorists’.

To my knowledge there have been no serious accidents in the 60k zones, unlike further out where there are troublesome trees.

The effects of this reduction from 60 to 50 will be firstly to antagonise motorists and secondly, it will be a great revenue raiser for the police.

If the RTA reduced the 100k limit in the treed area to 80k they would be doing some good. For them to suggest that reducing 60 to 50 is going to improve safety in the 100 zone is laughable.

Some say the road is poor and is to blame. I don’t agree, but there is one easy, simple and probably cost effective way to improve the road.

That is to have a full-time police patrol car on Kings Highway, just so long as they don’t sit down a side road or behind a tree booking cars for doing 5-10 clicks over the limit. They need to be patrolling and be visible.


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