Feasting on the good stuff

More than 50 members of the Upper Shoalhaven Landcare network came together to catch up, celebrate Landcare and talk about the future at the Christmas in July dinner on Saturday 23 July.  Central to the celebration was a feast of delicious fresh, healthy, local produce. 

Landcare Christmas in July Dinner on Saturday.

Landcare Christmas in July Dinner on Saturday.

Everyone enjoyed fresh bread and dishes of beef, pork, ham and goat, along with vegetables, Rhubarb and Ginger Beer, salads and dessert that were prepared with the love and attention that such amazing produce deserves. Local businesses who provided the fine fare included Jillamatong Beef, Hazelwood Farm, The Farm Dojo, Long Paddock eggs, Wynlen House Slow Food Farm and Braidwood IGA.

 Words of wisdom and inspiration were also provided by guest speaker Mark Gardner, from Vanguard Business Services. We thank them all for their support and for the full and satisfied feeling that everyone attending the dinner left with.