Club draw

Mike Clarke
Mike Clarke

Hearty congratulations to Mike Clarke who in late December won the $1,000 first prize in the second round of the 2016 draw. Mike is a great supporter of Lions and he has been buying tickets in the 200 Club for 18 years!  

Thanks to all involved for your support for this important Lions Club fund raiser.

1st $40  I Cargill. T Roach, I Flack, N Marsden, D Jonas, G Gage, J O’connell, A Clarke B Hannaford, T Baumann, K Sawford, M Wisbey, B Haigh, J Cargill, N Wein, H Kain, K Sturgess, H Gowen, J Willoughby, I Cargill   2nd $20  C Paton, M Thane, K Hansby, P Sturgess, M Robertson, A Dobson, Z Mckie, H Waddington, G Stephen, G Collard, Jonas & George, C Keogh, C Marsh, D Burke, D Griggs, J Broadbent, C.Ffrench, B Thompson, G Scott, R Lawless   3rd $10  B Feehan,, M Osborn, B Thompson, B Jeffrey, J Broadbent, R Lawless, K Hansby, P Duggan, D Wood, E Gardiner, F Stuart, P Jeffrey, M Robertson, G Gage, A Dixon, D Williams, I Faviell, B Daniel, C Bowie, J Bunn

The first draws for 2017 will commence shortly.