Letters to the Braidwood Times

BDEF thanks

It was fantastic to have Professor Brian Schmidt AC, Vice-Chancellor of ANU and Nobel Prize winning astronomer, join on February 3 to celebrate the achievements of Braidwood and District Education Foundation recipients.

Professor Schmidt described the advantages of living in a rural community such as Braidwood.  He credited growing up in rural Montana with shaping his attitude to life that helped him to remain open and optimistic towards the people and opportunities that have enabled his achievements.

During the evening we also heard from Millan Pintos-Lopez and Rachel Farley, past recipients of BDEF funds, who have made the most of the opportunities education provides. They each spoke of the advantage conveyed by the  support of the community, and BDEF, giving them a head start to pursue their passions. 

It was particularly exciting to hear these exciting young people acknowledge the support they received was more than financial: it was also a sense of self-worth that comes from knowing you are believed in.

The evening reinforced for me how fortunate we are to live in a community where we value the opportunities education provides. Thank you to the generous donors who make it is possible to help create these opportunities for the young people of our region. Their support speaks to the optimism and positivity of this community as a whole.

To learn more visit cef.org.au/braidwood.

Beth Ross, BDEF Committee Member​

Men, and women?

While reading the recent ‘Road naming’ proposals by QPRC, I was disappointed to read that of the seven proposed names, four were trees with the remaining  three named after people, all men.

In [the light of] the absence of notable women being recognised, I would like to suggest that QPRC study, for example, the excellent book ‘Braidwood, Dear Braidwood’ by Netta Ellis and take note of the chapter ‘The Women of Braidwood’.  

There they will read records of courageous women in the early years of Braidwood, such as Ann Gardiner, a midwife who ran a private women’s hospital in Elrington Street.

In more recent times, the late renowned Judith Wright, who lived her last 30 years within the district of Braidwood. (Shame on QPRC for not supporting The Two Fires Festival, created in honour of Judith Wright).

When further naming of our streets becomes necessary, could QPRC and residents, please consider the many women in our district who should be honoured and remembered for their achievements and contributions to the community.

Suzi Jarvis, Bendoura