Letters to the Braidwood Times

How to spend half a million

I understand [QPRC] is seeking ideas on how to soak up $500,000.

Before tarting up the town, make what we’ve got work better.

Remove and re-think the so-called ‘pedestrian crossings’ in Wallace Street which were designed by council ‘engineers’ as concrete dams to intercept rain runoff and divert it into shops. If they weren’t designed as dams then also name, shame and fire those responsible. This will go some way to allowing Wallace Street to be used as a period film set again.

Install (and maintain) a flat roundabout at the Wallace Street/Lascelles Street intersection, not a raised concrete edifice.This will encourage Canberra drivers to use common sens while allowing B-Doubles and trucks with dogs to cut the corner with safety and without damage to a concrete barrier or to their equipment

Do not plant trees. Think carefully first, planting trees would:

  • further congest traffic if planted in the middle of the street;
  • cause buckling of the kerbs and footpaths by roots if planted down the side verge;
  • threaten to damage water supply and sewerage popes;
  • threaten foundations of, and eventually blow over and damage, private property;
  • add to the autumn littering and drain blockages if deciduous species were planted;
  • interfere with overhead power lines requiring ongoing and unsightly lopping

Roger Hosking, Braidwood

Inroads into repairs

In regards to Walter Reynolds’ letter in last week’s Braidwood Times regarding funding for Nerriga Rd, I would like to clarify a few points made.

Yes, Council has reallocated Roads to Recovery Funding originally allocated to Nerriga Rd to a section of Captains Flat Rd. 

This decision was made due to a change in the timing of the Federal Government funding stream which requires Council to commence works as soon as possible. Delays with land acquisitions along the Nerriga Road route has meant that this project is not possible in the coming months. Had Council not progressed the project within the timeframes, we may have missed out on the funding all together.

Nothing in this decision is to diminish the worthiness of the works on Nerriga Road. This remains a priority for Council and Council has continued working on the Nerriga Road project to ensure it is shovel-ready for the coming financial year and we will continue to seek funding for further upgrades.

In regard to the $10m in funding Council received from the State Government following the merger:

$1m was allocated to not for-profit organisations and community groups for a range of projects

The remaining $9m has not been allocated as yet, however Council has recently sought community feedback on a list of projects identified via input from community meetings, the Local Representation Committee and assets plans. It is expected that this funding will be allocated at the March Council meeting.

The focus of the $9m is about providing upgrades and improvements to community facilities. While this funding is for community facilities, I am continuing to lobby the NSW Government for additional funding for priority rural and regional roads and bridges.

Tim Overall, QPRC

Small wonders

Is everyone OK about the Council spraying and killing the Lombardy Poplars on the coast side of town and the Yunnan Poplars on Araluen Rd? Or, for that matter, the fish in Monkittee Creek?

Peter Marshall, Braidwood

Thanks to all

Well we have had a wonderful response to our collection for fire affected animals. Many thanks go to these wonderful businesses who have once again come to our aid!

We are still collecting so thanks to everyone and if you are able to donate any full cream soy milk or bandages, I am still collecting at IGA and Braidwood Rural. Every little bit helps us help them! thanks so much Braidwood

Pixie Garcia, Braidwood