Golf news

Last week our Men's Senior Pennant Team defeated Royal Canberra 4.5-1.5. Winners were Michael Toirkens, Keith Morgan, Brendan Booker and Rick Towers, who recorded his first win away. For the second week in a row, David Jones got to play all 18 and finished with yet another square. The biggest challenge, for both teams, was the greens, which were even quicker than Gold Creek's usual, renowned, speed! This week we head to the hallowed turf of Royal Canberra to play Belconnen, it's our last match and we need to win to play finals!

Just a shout out to everyone to let them know we do have a Facebook page you can like, follow, comment - here. It is usually pretty up to date with news, photos et al and has the full year's schedule of events (or will have by tomorrow when it's updated!)

Remember there is a Committee Meeting 10.30am on Saturday March 18.