Letters to the editor | Wednesday, March 22


Setting the stage for youth

A new local community group is forming to promote and support performing arts opportunities for youth of the Braidwood district. The aim of the group is to organise workshops, training opportunities, holiday programs, performances and other events across the whole range of performing arts – drama, dancing, music, singing and more. There will be a meeting to launch this group and welcome new members, at the Braidwood Services Club on Wednesday 29th March at 7.30pm. If you are interested in being part of this venture to increase opportunities for local kids, please come along to share ideas, learn how you can participate and ask any questions.

Annie Duke, Braidwood

A fair dinkum commitment

Thank you Tim for the reply, but to be straight, I don’t believe you. You know the Grant Rules better than I and they don’t change much, if at all, from year to year. If you were fair dinkum you would immediately commit to a significant program on the Nerriga Road for next year.

Could we please have a full report about the progress of the Braidwood Waste Transfer Station.

p.s. Thank you for the colourful brochures of P.R. and spin. It gives me a rosy glow.

Walter Raynolds, Braidwood

Thank you

We would like to give a BIG thank you to Braidwood Life Centre for setting up the Mental Health First Aid Course run 14-15/3/2017 at the Braidwood Life Centre Rooms at the Rec grounds.

The course was attended by 19 people and we had a couple of absolutely great days with learning about how best to help our fellow humans. We learned about suicide prevention and what to ask. We learned how to support people in crisis and be able to support them to get help.

Also a big thank you to Braidwood Bendigo Bank for sponsoring our lunch. Lastly a big thank you to Jeff Wilson from Grand Pacific Health for coming out to Braidwood to provide the training.

We would like to recommend all people in our community to attend one of these courses in the future. Businesses could also look into become a Mental Health First Aid Skilled Workplace.

Bente Hart, Pharmacist Braidwood Pharmacy, Braidwood MPS; Anna Hession, RN Braidwood MPS; Caroline Evans, RSA Braidwood MPS; Sonia Horan, RSA Braidwood MPS

Harmony Day a call for social inclusion

On Tuesday, March 21, Australia celebrated Harmony Day, a day in which we celebrate the diversity and inclusive culture our country has sewn.

Our differences helped shape this country, but our commonalities hold us together, writes Youth Off The Streets founder and chief executive, Father Chris Riley.

Our differences helped shape this country, but our commonalities hold us together, writes Youth Off The Streets founder and chief executive, Father Chris Riley.

Australia is built on multiculturalism, different people of different walks of life coming together to make our country what it is today.

When I think of multiculturalism, I look to my kids. Some of them come from the most disadvantaged backgrounds imaginable, but despite their race, religion, beliefs and upbringing they manage to find common ground.

My kids treat each other with the utmost respect and are the shining example of discrimination having no place in Australia.

Sure, it is our differences that that helped shape this country, but I argue that it is our commonalities that hold us together, and it is these commonalities we should be celebrating.

We celebrate our differences and it is important to do so, but we shouldn’t let these differences define us. 

Youth Off The Streets is holding a variety of Harmony Day events in celebration of the day and encouraging social inclusion.

When young people attend our Outreach they have access to fun activities and programs including sports, music and dance, education, volunteering and community projects.

These programs are all about connecting with local communities, building relationships and networks, and addressing social isolation and exclusion.

Connecting with your local community is the best way to celebrate harmony day. Joining the festivities in your area or social community encourages discourse on what can be a controversial topic.

We as a nation need to come together and support each other despite our differences and this can only be done through building a foundation of commonality.

This harmony day make sure you get involved with your local community and realise your multiculturalism.

I implore you to celebrate, talk about and enjoy your common humanity.

Father Chris Riley AM, Youth Off The Streets chief executive and founder