Final fundraiser for SouthCare helicopter

BOTTLED-UP: The team at Dojo Bread selling bottled water. Photo: Celia Roach.
BOTTLED-UP: The team at Dojo Bread selling bottled water. Photo: Celia Roach.

The sound of a helicopter over Braidwood sends shivers through the spine of many in town. Most of us realise that the sound is probably the Snowy Hydro SouthCare rescue helicopter which has been operating since 1988.

The entity known as Snowy Hydro SouthCare (SHSC) will cease operations in April and will be replaced by Toll SouthCare. With it comes a new helicopter which will be part of a fleet branded Toll Ambulance NSW.

While it is sad that SHSC will be no longer, as the association between Braidwood and SHSC has been a close one, we will be pleased to know that the new Toll SouthCare helicopter will be larger with state of the art medical equipment and be able to cover a much longer range.

Braidwood has for many years supported SHSC through various fundraising events, collection tins, donations and awareness programs. The final fundraising event for SHSC is a bottled water promotion. Five community groups Braidwood Lions, Braidwood APEX, Braidwood Lodge of Truth, Braidwood Motor Club, Braidwood Rodeo and the Braidwood Community Bank have contributed funds to purchase 70 cartons of 24 bottles per carton of bottled water, each with the SHSC logo. Bottles are selling for $2, with all proceeds to SHSC.

Although SHSC will cease its operations in April, all proceeds of the water promotion will still be  towards SHSC.

  • The following community groups and businesses have offered their support by purchasing and selling the water: Lions, APEX, DOJO Bread, Braidwood Newsagents, Braidwood Motor Club, Bees R Us, Braidwood Rodeo, Braidwood Show Society, Saleyards Canteen, The Boiled Lolly, Braidwood Butchers, Braidwood pony Club, Braidwood Polocrosse, Steve Bevege Mechanical, Braidwood Auto Electrics and Braidwood Community Bank.