Letters to the editor | April 5


Not many years past, Palerang Council refurbished three blocks of Ellendon Street, south of Malbon Street, in Bungendore. It involved major realignment, considerable adjustment of levels/drainage, new kerbing and guttering, tree removal and replacement, as well as a shared pathway with insets. The cost was $715,000 (audited figure).

The front page of the Braidwood Times of Wednesday, March 29 reports Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council will spend $800,000 on merely one block of Lascelles Street, Braidwood, west of Kings Highway. I believe the QPRC Administration this time, but thousands would not.

Walter Raynolds, Braidwood

PS. Vote 1 Walter Raynolds.

PPS. Front page of the Braidwood Times of Wednesday, March 29: Someone … needs to learn mathematical addition. The discrepancy is only several hundred thousand dollars!

  • Correction: Last Wednesday’s Braidwood Times front page should have reported $2,045,000, rather than $2,450,000.


Discrimination: There's that dirty word again; only this time not against indigenous folk, Muslims or refugees, but ordinary, everyday, hard-working Australians. I am referring to people who farm the land, own small acreages or reside in rural villages; people who respect the environment and love peaceful country living.

Yet having made this choice they are discriminated against by having to put up with no or, at best, poor mobile phone and internet coverage, the latter especially important in the case of students. Then there is the threat of – in most cases – unwanted ‘developments’ being foisted on them.

Rosemary Miller, Rye Park

Grants open

Waste and water management company Suez is inviting community groups to apply for individual grants of up to $15,000.

We’re encouraging kindergartens, schools, charities, sporting teams and local organisations who want to make a positive impact in their community to apply.

The program provides grants between $1000 and $15,000. Applications are now open until May 5 at 5pm.

Mark Venhoek, Suez CEO