Letters to the editor of the Braidwood Times

In reference to old Charleyong Bridge, I was not misquoted in the Braidwood Times (July 5) in saying “after meeting with the RMS, the society agreed that if the bridge cost too much to maintain, it should be demolished”.

However, I need to explain the Braidwood & District Historical Society policy.

When we met with the RMS, we wanted to make it clear we supported the upgrade of Nerriga Road and appreciated a new bridge was necessary.

Therefore we would not oppose the demolition of the old historic bridge if the costs to maintain it was going to impede the road upgrade.

After our meeting, we carried out some further research and wrote to the RMS clearly stating our preference for maintaining the old bridge, saying “the bridge has recently been strengthened and would therefore be viable for pedestrians, serving as a tourist attraction for many years.

The adjacent community sports field, which itself has a history of interest to the local community, could be developed as a picnic area or rest stop.”

My apologies, Mr Chalmers. I think we are both on the same side.

Peter Smith, president, Braidwood & District Historical Society

Manners always welcome

As a small business in Braidwood, I am continually asked for donations for fundraising events, which I am quite happy to help with. 

For the past few years I have donated a bike for the Billycart Derby. This year’s winner of the bike was Maibelle, a young lady who attends BCS.

Maibelle and her mother came into my shop to thank me and to give me a beautiful card with a hand-drawn bike inside.

It's refreshing to see good manners and thoughtfulness have not disappeared; a great reflection on family and school.

Daniel Parsons, Braidwood