A new doctor for the Medical Centre

He grew up in Nowra and Parkes so Doctor John Sullivan is well accustomed to the country life.

Braidwood Medical Centre’s newest practitioner, Dr Sullivan began work at the practice in early July.

With three kids settled at school in Canberra, he was on the look out for a job in a rural area, within commuting distance. Braidwood was the perfect spot.

He hasn’t been here long, but his first impressions are good.

“[It’s a] lovely town, really nice people, good bakeries” says Dr Sullivan. 

He was drawn to medicine later in life than many, first studying molecular biology, then working as a disability advocate in a community organisation. 

“I was interested in medicine for a long time, so when that job finished, I got into Medical School” says Dr Sullivan. 

“It’s just a very interesting rewarding career you know, the interactions with people, the science, which I’m interested in, the ability to make a contribution to the community, and the flexibility, you can go anywhere in medicine.”

Dr Sullivan trained at ANU’s Rural Clinical School, which aims to encourage its students to work in rural areas. 

The school exposes all its students to rural medical practise, and seeks to facilitate rural training opportunities. 

Professor Amanda Barnard, Associate Dean of the school is excited to see the fruit of this, in young doctors like Dr Sullivan coming to work in rural practices.

Braidwood Medical Centre has hosted students from the school on placements since 2006, so she is particularly excited to see the circle complete itself. 

“We’re starting to see the results, if you like, of training people regionally” says Professor Barnard.

“It’s really nice because we’ve got John back as one of our ex students, so that’s fabulous to see and throughout the region we’re seeing that happening too.”

Dr Sullivan benefited from a year’s placement in Bega during his studies. He valued the exposure the experience gave him to a a wide range of aspects of medical practice.

He enjoys the diverse range of cases and challenges that come with general practice. 

“The thing I like about general practice is the exposure to all the different areas of medicine, so I enjoy that aspect of it” says Dr Sullivan. 

Dr Sullivan previously practised at Watson General Practice. He plans to stay at the Medical Centre for at least five years.