Ellis increases her lead as BigUn goes gangbusters

A little over the halfway into the Year-Long Shares Race, Angie Ellis of 80 20 Investments has extended her lead over the second-placed competitor.

It's a bravura performance, and comes after Ellis won the last two four-week games.

At the start of this year, contestants selected 10 stocks with a hypothetical $10,000 in each. Ellis' portfolio has grown to $133,540 - a return of more than 33 per cent.

On a share price basis, the market is up marginally since the start of the year.

The performances of our racers assume the dividends are reinvested.

Ellis' star performer and the best of the tips overall, by a long shot, is BigUn,

Her original $10,000 in the company, which provides video marketing services to businesses, is worth $34,884.

She has also done well from Electro Optic Systems, which produces technology for the aerospace and defence markets, and from Aristocrat, the poker machine maker.

Australian Financial Review journalist Phil Baker maintains second position with his portfolio worth $114,158.

Baker's best pick is A2 Milk Company, which is also the second-best performing tip overall, with his stake in the company now worth $21,762.

Melissa Browne, an accountant and financial planner, also holds A2 Milk and is in third place.

The Shares Race is a fantasy shares trading game. The Year-Long Race running from January to December has 12 players, including the dartboard, and includes share price growth plus dividends.

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