Queanbeyan Palerang: Braidwood voters have their say

Voters trickled steadily into the Braidwood Central School hall on Saturday, to cast their first ever vote in a Queanbeyan-Palerang wide election.

If there was one thing voters agreed on, it was that Braidwood needed a voice on council.

The election comes just over a year after forced the forced amalgamation, which saw the smaller Palerang Council joined with Queanbeyan City Council.

"I'm looking for a local group of people to get onto the council," local Richard Jolley said when asked what he wanted to see for the region, "to me, what is important to Braidwood is that we start to get somebody interested in Braidwood."

Local candidates Paul Cockram, Karuna Bajracharya and Phil Shoemark all spoke to voters on their way into the hall, each emphasising the importance of voting for a local.

"Being from the east of the shire, I think all of us here want to represent the rural areas, and I think it's really important that there is a regional voice on the council," Mr Bajracharya said, "but I also like to think it'd be nice to have some younger voices on council."

"It's going to be a very Queabeyan heavy council," Mr Cockram said, "but there are some issues that are specific to people living in rural areas."

Ryrie Park bustled across the road, with people enjoying the Daffodil Fair. Many bookended their vote with a sausage or a scone, or a sideshow ride.

It was quieter at the Majors Creek Recreation Hall polling booth, with just five ticket supporters present, including Alex Overall, canvassing for his father's ticket.

More to come.