Braidwood Squash Club has games for juniors and seniors alike

Back in the ‘80s, most towns had a squash court. Now they’re getting harder to find, says Damien Bigg, president of the Braidwood Squash Club.

There has been a revival of squash in Braidwood in the past 10 years, however, and the club is filled with junior players.

The club has 60-72 people on its books, at least a third of whom are juniors, he says.

“It started off with players’ kids, and now, there’d be a third of the kids whose parents don’t have anything to do with it. It’s an activity that they must all be interested in,” Bigg said.

“And we do have some of the juniors who are now playing only adults.”

Leroy Campbell-Davies, 12, has been playing squash for seven years. 

Leroy started because his dad was playing and suggested he join. He enjoys the fun and the challenge of the game.

“It’s fun and you get to play against a whole heap of different people, and when you get better, you go up to a grade where you play harder people,” Leroy said.

He is now a Grade 6, playing against one 13-year-old and several adults.

The sport is a great way to stay active and to meet people, Bigg said, adding the Braidwood Club was lucky their court was attached to the Servicemen’s Club.

Bigg has been playing for about 25 years and thinks he’s one of the older players in the club. He enjoys both the competitive and the social elements of the game.

“It’s definitely the competition and obviously the camaraderie, you make good friends out of it,” he said.

It’s definitely the competition and obviously the camaraderie, you make good friends out of it.

Damien Bigg

“It is a healthy sport to play, and it’s obviously associated with the club as well.”

The club has six teams of 10-12 people, with 11 per team this season. 

Games are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at the Servicemen’s Club. 

  • Anyone wishing to get involved can call the Servicemen’s Club on 4842 2108 or a member of the committee via the club’s Facebook page.