Monaro Police - Amnesty: 50,000 weapons handed in

More than 50,000 firearms were handed in during Australia's three-month National Firearms Amnesty. 

Braidwood: 4842 2101

Braidwood: 4842 2101

Justice Minister Michael Keenan is encouraging people who still have, or who come into possession of, an unregistered firearm to contact their local police station or firearm registry.

Firearms surrendered under the amnesty ranged from historic pre-1900 weapons and guns to modern semi‑automatic firearms, a homemade machine‑gun, a rocket launcher, a sawn-off shotgun found at a local tip in 1995, a handgun used in the early 1900s for personal protection, and a pistol that fitted in the palm of a hand.


Please be on the lookout as we've received several reports of counterfeit notes being used in the ACT region.

The notes are superimposed with Chinese characters, printed on lower quality paper and don't have serial numbers or the other security features that appear on genuine Australian currency.

The notes are manufactured for use as a training aid, and are purchased online.

If you do receive a banknote you believe is counterfeit, try to handle it as little as possible to preserve fingerprints.

Note the description of the person who gave it to you and call police on 131 444.


Also, scammers are again sending out fraudulent traffic and vehicle infringement notices. Please always check emails carefully and do not click on any suspicious links.

Anyone who receives a fraudulent email can report it online to the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network at

If further information is required, the police agency investigating your report will contact you.