Open for fundraising at Anglican Hall | PHOTOS

There were audible gasps from the crowd when John Barilaro announced $20,000 state funding for new toilets as part of the restoration of the Anglican Church Hall.

The crowd had gathered for a morning tea at the hall to launch the restoraion project.

New toilets might be unglamorous, but they are sorely needed at the hall.

It’s played host to many a 21st, a wedding reception, and community event over the years, but the hall is in dire need of restoration.

In the light of its significance, the Anglican Parish of Braidwood made over the management of the hall to a Community Trust in 2016.

The Trust is responsible for the ongoing management of the hall, and is made up of members of the local community. The committee plans to raise $100,000 or so to do urgently needed repairs, including a toilet block, repairs to the 

“Braidwood loves this building,” said Gill Burke, secretary of the committee.

“It’s Braidwood’s oldest public building…and over the years it’s fallen apart."

The Hall’s exact age is unknown, but it was last restored in the first half of the twentieth century, said Reverend Des McGuire in his speech.

“When I came three years ago, I was determined that something was going to be done for the hall, and at last, it has happened,” said Reverend McGuire.

“The community has waited for the hall to be done up, and I’m pleased to say that I’m hoping that in twelve months, we’ll be cutting that ribbon.”

Reverend McGuire thanked members of the committee, John Barilaro and members of the community for their support for the project.