Majors Creek Festival | PHOTOS

The Majors Creek Recreation grounds were busy on Saturday, filled with crowds attending the annual Majors Creek Festival

People came to from as far as Melbourne and Sydney for the Majors Creek Festival this Saturday, in addition to a crowd from Canberra, Goulburn and the South Coast.

Kids played in the centre of the oval, with streamers and hoops, enjoying the taste of the summer sun.

Punters could choose from performances at venues including the Main Stage, Pete’s Shed, or St Stephen’s Church.

On Friday night, a rock and roll performance on the Main Stage was followed by a woman’s special, featuring Fanny Lumsden, the Mae Trio and Terra Lightfoot.

The sunny weather couldn’t last forever though, by 3pm the smell of rain was in the air. Despite growling thunder and the occasional flash of lightening, the sky looked to be clearing by 4:30pm.