What’s happening at number 91?

Laura Miers at 'Mr Mr - Jewellery Concept Store'.
Laura Miers at 'Mr Mr - Jewellery Concept Store'.

If you blinked, you might have missed it. One minute 91 Wallace Street was an empty shop, the next, it was a fully functioning jeweller.

It was a quick turnaround for business owner Laura Miers as well.

Ms Miers was driving to Canberra on her birthday, when she noticed the empty shopfront at 91 Wallace Street.

She had been planning to open a store at Batehaven with her partner, but the space just didn’t feel quite right. The minute she saw it, Ms Miers knew the old Braidwood shop was perfect.

“We just saw this place and just fell in love with this particular building, just the floors and the walls and everything like that,” she said. “I just love the green tiles out the front, and just the size is perfect. I could just see myself with my bench out the back.”

A ‘Jewellery Concept Store’, Mr Mr features Ms Miers’ own work, alongside that of her favourite designers.

And while she still lives on the coast, Ms Miers is loving the community in Braidwood.

“The support’s been really nice,” she said. “The locals have all been super welcoming.”