Ends up for Bowls

The final round of the Braidwood Barefoot Bowls competition for 2017 saw some interesting contests.

The ‘Curly Rollers’ having a great tussle with the  ‘Sheezles’ with both teams winning five ends each, but the ‘Sheezles’ coming out on top with the higher score.

The ‘Terminators’ dominated over the ‘Chicks with Attitude’ seven ends to three as did the ‘Mafia’ in defeating ‘The Clan’.

‘Landmark’ were victorious over ‘The Other Guys’ and ‘Bigg Team’ asserted their dominance over the four rounds downing the ‘Vak Vets’ six ends to four.

The final ladder resulted in ‘Bigg Team’ first with the ‘Terminators’ rolling in for a close second, then followed ‘Mafia’ and the next six teams all winning two out of their four matches. Only six points separated the ‘Sheezles’ in eighth place from third.

To cap of the night a challenging game of bowling skill called ‘The Spider’ was played for $100 in prize money. The object of this roll-up is to be closest to the Jack and/or the coin placed underneath with competitors having one bowl each. Damien and Sherilee shared the money once accurate measurements were taken.

The $200 lucky draw was won by ‘The Other Guys’ and a $50 encouragement award went to the ‘Curly Rollers’. Congratulations to all the winning teams.

The efforts of all our members, family and friends in preparing the greening, running the heats, scoring and providing the catering for this event is highly appreciated.

A big thank you to the Braidwood Community Bank for making these fun-filled family nights possible. Braidwood Bowling Club is looking forward to seeing all teams back and more rolling up in 2018.

If you would like to become a members of the Braidwood Bowling Club and continue to enjoy the sport and play in regular competitions in the years ahead, speak to one of our members or contact the Secretary, Gary Collard 0428 258 071 or email garycollard@bigpond.com.