Letter to the editor: Call to arms in waste war

Twice this spring I have seen small birds flying to their nests with roughly 16-centimetre lengths of clear plastic 'ribbons’ trailing behind them, presumably for their nests.

A good structural material, I thought initially, until following through the consequences: rain captured to drown eggs and young, or heat captured to cook them.

The ABC's War on Waste on Sunday night reiterated the call to recycle all soft plastics that can be scrunched into a ball by placing it into plastic shopping bags and putting them into the REDcycle bins at Coles/Woolies stores. 

Our household has resolved to do just that, though it means saving it up until we make one of our infrequent trips out of town.

Perhaps our now-larger council could lead the way by facilitating such REDcycle bins being placed at our tips or in its distant small towns for eventual bulk pickup/delivery.

Paris Silvester, Braidwood

Photo: Tamara Voninski

Photo: Tamara Voninski