Stay vigilant despite quiet season

Recent rains have brought a respite to the fire season, which could be short-lived as the new growth begins to dry out. 

Increased fuel loads brought by the rain could pose a risk in the case of continued dry weather. 

Despite the quiet season to date the community should stay vigilant, as fire conditions can change quickly, said Rural Fire Service Superintendent for the Lake George Zone Tim Carroll.

“Conditions at the moment are quite good… there’s still a fair amount of green in the pastures,” Superintendent Carroll said.

“As summer progresses the grasslands will cure and that will pose a high fire danger in those areas. 

“A few days of warm weather and a bit of wind can quickly change the situation from being reasonably benign to posing problem.”

The RFS has been preparing for the upcoming months with local, regional and state training, and meeting with other agencies, such as Fire and Rescue and NSW National Parks. 

The RFS also closely monitors conditions, with helicopter crews on standby on days of elevated fire danger Superintendent Carroll said. 

Photo: Dean Sewell/Oculi.

Photo: Dean Sewell/Oculi.

Superintendent Carroll also reminded the community to ensure ensure properties are free from rubbish and dead vegetation and gutters are clean.

Most importantly, Superintendent Carroll urged people to have a conversation with their families to develop a plan in the case of fire. 

“It’s really important for people not to be complacent, not to write the season off,” Superintendent Carroll said.

“Traditionally a lot of our fire activity has been in the later part of the bushfire danger period.”