Undead hit the streets of Braidwood

You may have seen some pretty scary looking dancers on the streets of Braidwood last Wednesday....some zombies that seemed to appear from out of nowhere.

Do not be alarmed, Miss Emma had them all under control, even in the 38 degree heat. 

The Braidwood Youth Performing Arts Association held it’s final two workshops for the summer holidays last week. Over all, BYPAA helped to facilitate six workshops with 106 young participants throughout January, including breakdance, acrobatics, calisthenics, music video, drama, comedy and magic card tricks. Most workshops were well attended and we hope that all children involved were all able to walk away with positive experiences and skills gained. 

BYPAA formed in 2017 with the vision and focus that youth from this region would benefit from the opportunity to explore greater aspects of performing arts, and where our returning young adults, who had left the area to pursue careers in the performing arts, could easily become involved in skill sharing and mentoring. 

The association plans to run a new range of workshops into Easter holidays. Becoming a member of BYPAA means you will get a discount on classes, plus be on our mailing list for upcoming workshop info. 

BYPAA wishes to acknowledge the support of Braidwood Community Bank in helping to make this project achievable and also the Majors Creek Festival, for their generous donation towards our insurance costs. Without the support of these two local businesses we would not have been able to achieve the difficult task of kickstarting this new community organisation. 

To join email braidwoodperforming@gmail.com. You can also follow us on Facebook, Braidwood Youth Performing Arts Assoc, or contact 0488 033 248.