Just reward for dedicated work

Braidwood student and apprentice Ben Lee has been awarded the prestigious Kirby Scholarship from the Country Education Foundation.

Mr Lee is currently completing his Certificate III in light vehicle vehicle mechanics at Canberra Institute of Technology, while doing his apprenticeship at Bevege S Mechanical Repairs in Braidwood.

Courtesy of the James N Kirby Foundation, CEF’s Kirby Scholarship is available to a student completing a course in any engineering or technical trade. 

It is awarded to a student with financial need who has demonstrated their commitment to their goals.

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Established in 1967 by Australian industrialist Sir James N. Kirby, the foundation seeks to advance the technical and educational development of young Australians.

In his third year, Mr Lee has reaped the rewards of hard work and dedication.

Last year, he was awarded ‘Best Apprentice’ in the second year at CIT, out of 150 people.

The scholarships he has received from the CEF, and from the Braidwood and District Education Foundation (BDEF) will help Mr Lee pay for a computer, tools and transport while studying, he says.

He plans to complete a fourth year of study, to receive his diesel ticket, and continue to work in Braidwood.

The BDEF recently awarded scholarships to 18 young members of the Braidwood Community. The foundation aims to support local youth to achieve their post high school educational aspirations.