The Zumba dancers making every move count

The world is a small place.

Braidwood Dance Studio’s Emma Gartside was talking to her mum, Mandy Wilson, in England recently, who is also a dance and Zumba instructor.

Ms Wilson runs a Zumbathon every year, to raise money for cancer research.

She mentioned to Ms Gartside that one of her attendees, currently recovering from breast cancer, was from Canberra.

It turned out that one of this woman’s best friends, was one of Ms Gartside’s dance mums.

Ms Wilson said “Why don’t you do [a Zumbathon]?” and the plan was formed.

The same week as hundreds of people in Alton, Hampshire, turn up the music for three hours of Zumba, Ms Gartside will run Braidwood’s very own Zumbathon.

She’s inviting the whole town to turn out to the Club in pink, for an hour and a half of dancing on a Tuesday night.

She’s expecting her regular attendees, but to raise as much money as possibly, is hoping to get whole families involved.

“Ladies, men, children, bring your kids along, bring your friends, it’s a fun thing to do with friends, to have a laugh and a giggle,” Ms Gartside said.

  • The ‘Stand up to Cancer’ Zumbathon will take place on Tuesday March 20, from 6:30pm-8pm at the Braidwood Servicemens Club, all welcome, entry by donation, call Emma Gartside for more information on 0451 819 859