What’s happening in Araluen?

Anzac Day this year was a beautiful day in the valley with the green fields and mountains a perfect backdrop at our War Memorial.

More than 65 of our locals both young and old turned out for the day, including two of our oldest community members Pring Raynolds and Clem Wilson.

Many who marched proudly wore medals which were either theirs or on loan from a family member. 

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The march was led by three young veterans from the army and air force. 

Tim Raynolds MCed the proceedings and Ron Bateman was the parade commander. Air Commodore Nicholas Barneveld gave the Anzac address and music was provided by Roger Thwaites. Roger also wrote and performed two songs in memory of past military friends. 

We enjoyed having some of our locals participating in the service.

Luke Watson did the Reading of the Names, Sally Matthews leading the Prayer of Remembrance and Luke Hemler who gave the Dedication of Purpose. Pring Raynolds proudly gave the Ode with local girls Megan Donnelly and Georgia Garcia performing a beautiful song that they wrote especially for the day and managed to bring a tear to many an eye. 

Two of our younger locals Alex and Marcus Camiller formed the Flag party with local Fire Captain Bev Feehan. 

At the close, a scrumptious morning tea was enjoyed by all at the Araluen Hotel.

Next month the APA is having a “Mystery Fun Drive” on Sunday June 24. You can read how you can be a part of this family fun day in next month’s edition. All are welcome.