Braidwood's own 'Red Dog' has passed away

Braidwood lost one of its best-known canine faces last week with the passing, at the grand age of 16, of Ruby: loyal companion of Majors Creek identity, Jane Ahlquist.

Ruby was four years old when she was adopted by Jane and the two formed an immediate bond: where Jane went, Ruby went also.

She so well-known on the street that people would pass and say “Hello Ruby” – often without saying “Hello Jane”. When Jane was inside a shop or cafe, Ruby would wait patiently outside, never on a leash or tied up. She would occasionally wander down an alley to a favourite sniffing place, and on the odd occasions when she lost Jane, she’d just pick a shop and wait outside it.

She used to go inside Miss Ruby’s Bookshop and in winter would monopolise the heater at the back of the shop. Fyre Gallery owner, Cheryl Hannah, remembers her as the best behaved dog she’s ever known. “She helped me overcome my fear of dogs by gently showing me acceptance even when she knew I was afraid,” Cheryl said. Another shop owner described Ruby as a Braidwood icon. “A bit like the dog on the tucker box, she was always there. She’s now part of local legend.”

Ruby, as many in town will remember her.

Ruby, as many in town will remember her.