Local Leaders | Braidwood Vet Surgery: Yellow signs of the times

Braidwood is a great place to live.

But with our fabulous rural location comes the requirement to respect that farming operations occur just outside the town border.

Katie Lyons

Katie Lyons

Meaning we will all, at some stage, come across livestock.

You may come across cattle or sheep on the road when they are being moved along or across a road, or even when they are grazing on the edge of the road.

You will be aware that you are approaching these animals as there will be yellow Stock Ahead warning signs, often with pictures of sheep or cattle.

The NSW Road Users Handbook (February 2018) states: If you see stock signs on the road you may be approaching animals on or near the road.

You must slow down or stop to avoid crashing with them. Fines apply if you do not obey these signs.

Horse riders and horse drawn vehicles also have rights to share our roads.

When you come across horse traffic remember: horses can be unpredictable so slow down and give them plenty of room and never pass a horse at high speed.

Slow down or stop if a rider is having difficulty with a horse. 

So please remember, if you see yellow stock signs, a horse and rider or even a car with hazard lights flashing, you are required to slow down and give the animal room to move off the road.

It will only take a minute, and your actions will prevent damage to your vehicle, as well as the unnecessary injury or death to either the animal, yourself or others.