Monaro Service Award winner, Nick Fry, wants to see Braidwood grow

“Why do I do it? I want to see both Braidwood and the bank grow”. Nick Fry’s motivation for his community work and involvement has its roots deep in the town’s development and a view to the future.

He and wife Lesley “escaped” Sydney 22 years ago and bought a business in Braidwood. When they sold the business 10 years later, they decided Braidwood was the ideal place to bring up their three children and Nick joined the Community Bank. This enabled him to channel his own passion for community through an organisation that is itself based on supporting and growing community.

Apart from his work, Nick is a member of the Braidwood Tennis Club, a life member of the Braidwood Soccer Club and a member of the golf club. He is on the bank board, involved with the Life Centre for five years, and was involved with St Bede’s P&F.

Nick Fry in front of the bank and the Baby Ben clock.

Nick Fry in front of the bank and the Baby Ben clock.

He wants to see the township growing and prospering. “There must be expansion if we are to survive,” he says, referring to both the bank and the town. 

The Baby Ben clock on the top of the facade of the bank, which was the bank’s 15th birthday present to the town, was Nick’s idea. A complex work of art with moving pieces representing Braidwood history, and a Westminster-style chime, the clock, which was unveiled in February this year, is now the centrepiece of the town.

Nick is justifiably proud that the bank has now channeled almost $2 million back into community projects. From large donations, such as the $250,000 early this year to enable the Braidwood Servicemen’s Club to do major repairs on its roof, through to the tiny donations to help small community groups continue their work.

“Sometimes it’s the small projects that are the most interesting,” Nick says, recalling a $750 donation to assist a group to buy wool for community knitting projects. Whether on the street or in the bank, Nick’s passion for community development is infectious.