Palerang United dominate Majura F.C.

The Palerang Under 13s are set to take out the 2018 Under 13s Capital Football comp following their well-earned win over Majura FC on Saturday.

The team traveled to Dickson playing fields for the game.

It was set to be a tough fight, with Braidwood pegged at first on the ladder and Majura coming in at a close second.

Palerang took to the field and shone immediately. It was obvious that all the training and preparation the kids had put in leading up to the game was paying off tenfold.

Nelson Sargent landed the ball in the nets within the first five minutes. This was followed up soon after with a great goal from Leroy Campbell-Davys.

The back line defense of Jorja, Kayla and Tara made it near impossible for Majura to get the ball in Palerang’s half.

Harry Goode played his best game yet in the mids, with some amazing steals from the opposition.

Another goal by Leroy saw Palerang go into half time with a 3-0 advantage. Surprisingly, Braidwood only got stronger in the second half.

Romany, Laynee and Mahlee proved too good against Majura. Every time they came close to heading for the goals our girls threw themselves in defense and saved the day.

Georgie was tenacious in attack, moving up from the mids on a few occasions, and she almost scored a goal. 

Tess Gurling was, as always, the gutsiest goalie Braidwood has seen, running out and saving the ball before Majura even had a chance.

With two goals to lightning fast Reggie D, another to Leroy (making yet another game of hat-tricks for him), and a great corner goal by Brodie, Palerang took home a win of 7-1.

With only two games left, playing Queanbeyan at their home ground next week, and hosting Burgmann at home for their last game, It looks as though this team will take out the competition.

They are sitting firmly in first place, with an impressive 18 points goal difference between them and second place.

The club is so proud of how far all of the players have come from the beginning of the season.

They really have gone from strength to strength and have created an incredibly skillful, and successful team, and the club congratulates them.