Majors Creek Festival calling all ugly mugs!

Majors Creek Festival has a strong record in environmental sustainability. It won a Banksia Award for waste minimisation back in 2001and subsequent festivals have been run along sustainability principles.

This year the Festival is going one step further with a Mug Library.

We all have them. Those coffee mugs stashed at the back of the cupboard that you may have once loved but now they’re just, well, ugly. Or maybe they were freebies from work or a client, or a tacky souvenir you really didn’t much like but thought you should have anyway, or they’ve got some football team logo on them that you wouldn’t be seen dead supporting.

Those are precisely the mugs Majors Creek Festival is after.

Instead of using disposable take-away cups for coffee, or even recyclable ones, this year they’re going for reusable: zero waste.

So now’s your chance to get rid of those mugs in a good cause. Drag them out and drop them off at Dee’s cafe (The Fickle Pickle at Deadwood) and know that they will live again at the Majors Creek Festival.