Locals shocked by animal cruelty

Mongarlowe residents were shocked last week by an example of gross animal cruelty.

A person or persons had apparently tied a noose around the next of a male wombat and towed it along the road.

Killing native fauna is illegal and incidents such as this display disregard for both the animals and the law.

The incident was reported to the police and a spokesperson for the police stated that:

“A member of the public contacted Braidwood Police Thursday 4/10/18 regarding a wombat carcass which had apparently been dragged behind a vehicle and dumped at the gravel mounds on Back Creek Road near the corner of Little River Road, most likely overnight. The male wombat had blue/yellow cord fashioned in a slip-knot around it's throat/shoulder, and abrasions suggesting that it had been dragged behind a vehicle for some distance. Police are appealing for anybody with information regarding this incident to contact local Police. It is courteous to shift and/or check an injured or deceased animal on a roadway, however Police are at a loss to find a reasonable explanation for this particular incident.

“The relaxation on guidelines for the culling of kangaroos upon private lands does not extend to people shooting fauna or vermin from public roads or crown reserves. Braidwood Police have received complaints regarding unauthorised shooting activities on or near these areas, with any breaches of regulations concerning firearms to be met with formal action and/or suspension of licences and seizure of equipment.”