Wasp swarm attacks girl in Keder St

A young girl was taken to the Braidwood hospital on Thursday April 11 at 4.30pm after she was repeatedly stung up to 200 times by a wasp swarm on Keder Street.

It's understood the girl is in a stable condition and in recovery, but was "very, very lucky," said Chris Nelson.

The swam was "very aggressive" as it was "going to roost ... They can kill you, these things," Mr Nelson said, urging Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council and Landcare to actively identify and remove wasp nests.

QPRC has put up a safety sign and blocked off the area. A council spokesperson issued a written release saying European wasp activity had been monitored in Braidwood over the past couple of years and a number of nests in public places had been eradicated.

"Following the report of an incident involving a child, staff attended the Braidwood Recreation Ground last Friday and found a small nest. Staff are still searching the area," the spokesperson said.

While the council does search for the nests, "they are often difficult to locate and residents are advised to check their yards. European wasps are becoming an increasing problem and will build nests in the ground, under old buildings, in hollow trees and rubble.

"Residents are asked, if they identify a European wasp nest on council land, please contact the council and provide directions to the nest."

  • A fact sheet about European wasps is available online at dpi.nsw.gov.au

Open day

Braidwood Fire Station (13 Park Lane) will have an open day on May 18 from 10am to 2pm. Residents are invited to drop in for a chat after they have voted on election day. Queries: 4842 2524

Cuppa with a cop

All in the community are invited to have a free cup of coffee or tea with officers of the Monaro Police District at 10am on Wednesday, April 17 at Cafe Woodworks, 20 Malbon Street, Bungendore. It's a chance to ask questions, voice concerns and meet your local police.