Landmark sees big demand for property in Braidwood


About this time last year Reg O'Connell from Landmark Braidwood noted that there were more buyers looking in and around our region than there were sellers offering properties.

12 months on, Reg tells us that's even more so the case now, and that applies to "rural, residential, and a lack of rental listings because of the demand," he says.

In terms of buyers - and it's similar to what they're looking for near other rural centres - "Everyone wants a few acres close to town, and there's not that many of them."

One of the factors creating this limitation on supply is the minimum block size of 100 acres if you want to build on anything that isn't zoned residential or rural residential.

A suggestion that Reg made to farm owners last year that still applies is the prospect of slicing off 100 acres of otherwise unproductive land, and selling that for someone to build on.

"They're not looking to farm it, they want an escape and the lifestyle the area offers," Reg says of the prospective buyers.

Don't rule out steep terrain either. Just look near the coast or Blue Mountains to see what can be achieved when the view is worth it.

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As for who is looking, Reg mentioned there are a few notable demographics.

He said some of them are baby boomers who grew up in the area, now looking to move back before they retire.

Others come from Sydney more than anywhere else, looking for fixer-uppers, but Reg observed that most of those have already been bought, and fixed up, "which is prettying up the town, and makes it easier to sell."

As for what attracts people to Braidwood in general, "Probably the biggest impact is there are that many projects happening here at the moment; the Nerriga Road expansion, the new Charleyong bridge, the Summerfield over 55s village, the hospital expansion, the school expansion along with the police station, and the Dargues mine."

Those projects are improving the infrastructure and adding to the employment opportunities, making Braidwood even more attractive than it already was.

Another development that is being snapped up fast is the land release at Braidwood Ridge. Right now, this is the only residential area in Braidwood undergoing expansion. The final stage was released at the start of the year, and those 21 blocks should be ready to build on in the next few weeks. When it is all completed, this development will have added 100 houses to the town.

Reg says that the main reason "people come to Braidwood is because of what the town has to offer. One of the best qualities is its people."

Also, compared to cities it has "a much better lifestyle," and even for those who do the hour or so commute to Canberra it's still far less stressful than an hour commuting in Sydney.