Mine sediment discharge into Majors Creek

The Dargues Gold Mine near Majors Creek advised that as a result of the heavy rain on Wednesday morning (September 18), there was a small discharge of sediment-laden water through an earth containment bund.

This resulted in sediment discharge to Spring Creek and into Majors Creek.

A statement from the company said the earth containment bund was channelling sediment-laden water to the Sediment Basin located downstream of the Tailings storage facility bulk earthworks.

The area from which the discharged water originated contains only disturbed soils. There are no chemicals, hydrocarbons or other pollutants contained within this area, the statement said.

The mine has taken action to contain the discharge and determine the extent of any impacts on the environment. This includes:

  • Construction of a diversion drain from the spill location to the Sediment Basin at the toe of the Tailings Storage Facility embankment to prevent any further discharge
  • Sediment and erosion control inspections of the entire site
  • Water sampling at all surface water locations, consistent with the Water Management Plan.
  • The stand down of all surface bulk earthworks activities.

The EPA and other regulatory agencies were notified.

For further information contact the mine on 1800 732 002.