Local leaders | Wellbeing: Head for the hills - it's good for you

Inside is artificial and outside is nature. Our ancestors evolved this incredible biology we have, in tandem with nature and as such, it is a simple way to increase any wellness protocol.

Indoor environments are toxic to human physiology due to artificial light, electromagnetic mess, chemicals and offgas from furniture and decor, poor air quality, mould and dust, regulated temperatures, casted physiology caused by the same furniture day-in-day-out, and a pantry full of boxed, lifeless food.

That's right, all the things that makes being indoors comfortable and convenient are also the things that cause stress to your cells and dampen your mitochondria's ability to charge your system.

Being outside has a supercharge effect for your mitochondria (the tiny power generators in your cells that govern whether you are well or not). Whether it's the natural spectrum of light, the clean air, the ground under your feet or drawn from leaning on a tree, Outside can mitigate and transform the less desired effects of suppressed health from being indoors.

This principle makes everything easier when you're making decisions about your wellness.

Not sure on the best breakfast? Whichever you choose will be boosted if you eat it outside.

Want to move more? Increase the benefits by moving outside, whether you're walking, gardening or lifting heavy things.

Need to make a few phone calls? Go outside to do it!

There really is no better way to increase the benefits of any wellness plan than spending more time in natural environments. And by natural environments I mean any place that is not between walls and has either soil under your feet or natural light above your head.

A suburban backyard is still more "outside" than your lounge room. An eighth story balcony is more outside than your office. A roadside edge is more outside than sitting in your car.

When you give it a little thought, anything you like to do indoors can be moved outside. It might take some preparation and maybe even some appropriate gear (like quality wet weather clothes/boots, or a sturdy picnic blanket) but once you begin, you'll find yourself creating more and more ways to 'take it outside'.

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