Braidwood district North Black Range fire evacuates residents

Braidwood district resident Robin Tennant-Wood says she won't be hanging around if the major fire burning west of the town comes any closer.

The out of control North Black Range fire has so far burnt 6782 hectares, according to the RFS. It was upgraded to emergency status on Friday afternoon.

Ms Tennant-Wood lives on a Krawaree property, 40km south of Braidwood. Like many, she has a bushfire plan and has hoses and pumps hooked up if needed.

"I'm in no immediate danger just now but if it crosses the Kings Highway, I'll be stuck," she said.

"...If the fire threatens I'll go because I don't have the infrastructure and skills to stay and defend. I'll be packing up the essentials and my animals and going."

The view from her home is thick with smoke. The fire is burning in an easterly direction towards Bombay, Little Bombay and areas west of Braidwood. Ms Tennant-Wood said some people in Bombay and Little Bombay had chosen to leave and the blaze was "moving fast." People at Bendoura had also been advised to monitor conditions and prepare to go.

"Braidwood is isolated for good reason," she said.

"They (the firefighters) are hoping for a wind change to push the fire back on itself."

Residents reported embers and dry leaves falling in Braidwood itself. On Thursday they could barely see from one end of the main street to the other due to the smoke from the national park blaze.

The RFS said embers dropping well ahead of the firefront were threatening properties and creating spot fires.

The blaze is also burning in the areas of Forbes Creek, Ralpine Valley and Mount Palerang.

This afternoon the Kings Highway was closed between Mayfield Road and Northangera Road.

The RFS advises people at Forbes Creek and Hoskintown to also monitor conditions and know what you will do if fire threatens.

Ms Tennant-Wood said while bare paddocks mostly lay between Bombay and Braidwood, this was no guarantee the fire's strength would abate.

"The firefighters are doing an amazing job. We've had a number of crews on deployment up north and now they've come back to this," she said.

"We're all just hoping for a change of wind."

People are advised to monitor the RFS website.