How to create instant kerb appeal that'll stop traffic

SITTING PRETTY: Simone Mathews and husband Ben paid great attention to the facade of their new property, The Pause, in the New South Wales town of Gerringong.

SITTING PRETTY: Simone Mathews and husband Ben paid great attention to the facade of their new property, The Pause, in the New South Wales town of Gerringong.

Interior designer and founder of Soul Home, Simone Mathews knows the importance of street stance when it comes to property design. Whether you're building your own home, an investment property or a holiday property, first impressions count.

Simone shares her advice to putting your home's best foot forward to create impact through a cohesive design.

1. Find your unique style using my 70/20/10 rule

Start by thinking about your favorite holiday destination. It's all about that holiday feeling from the moment you pull up out the front, so you need to think about the actual feeling that being on holiday ignites. For me it's always coastal and relaxed, but for you it could be the country or the snow. Then consider the ways you can achieve that feeling in your home to define your own unique look.

The key is to be inspired by the elements, not to recreate the same thing; otherwise, I guarantee you that the all-so important feeling won't be there. You want it to have soul and the easiest to way to do this is using my 70/20/10 rule - 70 per cent of one style, 20 per cent of another and a final 10 per cent layer to bring it all together.

2. Consider your location

It's time to bring your style to life. But before you start, it's important to consider where your property is located. This will play into your choice of materials and potentially your exterior design for functional and aesthetic reasons. If you are undergoing a new build, check with the developer for guidelines.

Alternatively, if you have a heritage listed property, council will need to guide you on renovations. In terms of product functionality, you want low maintenance and high durability, without compromising on that strong aesthetic impact. For example, if your property is coastal you're going to want a facade that protects from the elements.

Traditional timber weatherboard is beautiful, but less durable than today's modern fiber cement weatherboard. CSR Cemintel is great, especially as it is Australian made, meaning affordable, approachable and accessible. Being fibre cement, it also holds paint longer than timber and won't shrink, shrink or crack.

3. Take a roof-down approach

My biggest tip is to start designing your exterior from the roof down. This helps the balance and proportion. The roof and facade are the most prominent, so choose these styles, materials and colours first, followed by windows and doors, then finishing with your decking, landscaping and finishings.

It is important to layer your moodboard in the quantities you intend to use them, so you can use my 70/20/10 rule here too.

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4. Budget and compromise

Street presence is one of your key areas of investment. You want that relaxed, holiday feeling to come home to, a welcome arrival to greet guests, and a facade that demands attention for the right reasons. It will also play a big factor in property resale value down the track. But you need to remain aware of what you can afford and recognise areas you can compromise.

At Soul Home, we always say, "you spend wisely, you invest the money when needed, and then you can pull back." I always ensure I choose products based on performance and finish.

But quality doesn't have to mean expensive, you can achieve a high end look at an affordable price. Doing your research around a provider of a specific style or product is time well spent.

5. It's all in the detail

When it comes to creating truly special street presence, it's all in the detail - you want people to be surprised every time they visit. Don't overdo it; just consider how you can elevate little features. Will a simple fence add character? Or some landscaping? Flowers and greenery lift your mood, so perhaps think about what plants complement your region.

Consider how the sun catches the facade at different times of the day. Take a moment to stand back and really look at your home. That feeling of falling in love with it - of being proud of it.

That's what you want to enhance through details. That's how you really maximise street stance. And that's what makes you feel like you're really captured your own ultimate holiday feeling.